Quality, professional 3D printing resins

Welcome to Resinous 3D, we design, formulate and manufacturers high quality UV cured 3D printing resins.

We aim to give you high quality, repeatability (consistency from one batch to another) and performance with our specialist products. Our mission is to deliver this to you at a reasonable cost with the maximum safety possible.

Based in the heart of the UK, surrounded by not only a beautiful location but also an infrastructure of both technical expertise and technical resources we feel ideally placed to offer you the best possible materials at sensible prices.

We are not just chemists, our team is multi-disciplined (skilled in Chemistry, Engineering, Electronics and software), so that we really understand the 3D printing process, its applications and needs. We design materials to do a task, rather than simply producing materials degraded to just a price.

We are dedicated to bringing the best possible to you.

All of our materials are fully tested and configured for optimum results. We test to ensure performance, rather than guess that it might be good enough!

Thanks for taking a look at us, we hope you enjoy our products


Norman Beldom (CEO)