Quality, professional 3D printing resins

Resinous3D Draft material. (FL2 - 001)

This is specially designed to produce high resolution draft prints at 300um layer thickness for Z plane build speed.

The x/y resolution is the same as any other Form 2 print, however the overall build time will be about 1/3 to ¼  of the same part printed in a non draft mode.

Its a great material for simply checking your designed part before committing to printing at a much slower speed (less Z thickness per layer) in a higher performance resin.

This material is non brittle and its UTS / Flexural modulus is typically in between 60 / 80% of our model material. These figures depend on the part configuration during print.

It can be used as a final material, depending on what z resolution detail you need. Its supplied as a light green coloured material to enable easy identification against our standard grey model material.

It can be used for its intended purpose with no post curing, However an improvement in mechanical properties will be found by post curing at 40c for 30 minutes with UV at 405nm 4mw/cm2.

For best results with this material we highly recommend the Protoart cartridge.