Quality, professional 3D printing resins

Resinous3D High Performance Engineering Material (FL2 -003)

Designed as a material for printing engineering functional parts, High UTS, Excellent Flexural modulus and very good impact resistance. Great definition and can be printed at 25um - 100um layer thickness.

Typical Mechanical test Figures below are (green - as printed) / (post cure)

Typical UTS: 48Mpa / 74Mpa

Extension: 9% / 5%

Typical Flexural Modulus: 1.9Gpa / 2.9Gpa

Notched Izod Impact resistance: 24 J/m / 32 J/m

(We recommend post curing this resin at UV power levels of 20mw/cm2 at 44c for best mechanical results over 30 minutes.)