Quality, professional 3D printing resins

Printer Manufacturers / Specialist process designers

Are you a printer Manufacturer or Specialist process designer that needs resins that make the best of a particular printer or process?

You have arrived at the right place! With our in house team of specialists, we aim to help you avoid the almost impossible task of finding chemists who have the necessary skill and experience to design and formulate 3d printing resins for you. We recognise that Its very difficult for you to find chemists to directly employ, who are capable of giving you the results that you want.

Our team is excellent, and will help you develop a product that puts you ahead of your competitors. You will get the very best possible results from the printer or process that you have designed and manufactured.

We are very experienced in creating the best product possible at the price level you want, in the shortest time possible.

That product will not be sold to anyone other than you , after which you are then free to sell and distribute as you want.

Our starting point is the completion of a mutual non-disclosure agreement. That is designed to protect both your and our commercial secrets. Part of our core ethos is our respect and care when handling clients commercial secrets.

We offer a range of services, including simply designing a formulation for you to manufacture (and of course proving that it works as you want) all the way up to offering long term production manufacture. Producing the resins under your label.

The costs are lower than you might expect.

If you want further information please email us via the “Contact us” page