Quality, professional 3D printing resins

All of our resins are suited to either SLA or DLP printing and each is configured accordingly.

The resins below are configured for either mid to high end type DLP printers (we call these Type 1 - these include printers such as the Asiga). Or Type 2 DLP printers such as the Anycubic or Wanhao (We call those type 2 DLP printers, and they have considerably lower cost and much lower UV print power than the type 1 printers)

Don’t forget the UV power is what cures each layer. UV power output is not the same as electrical power in, for example a UV light souce using 40w of input power may only give out 1mw/cm2 of UV power, the rest is lost as heat or light at other wavelengths.

Using the incorrectly configured resin type may cause problems such as failed cure(under cure), or brittleness and light bleed due to overcure.

If in doubt which type is best for your printer, please email us to ask. We deal in performance and quality, and as such one size (configuration of the resin) does not suit all printers - In much the same way as cars don't all use the same tyres!