Quality, professional 3D printing resins

Resinous3D Draft material. (FL2 - 001)

This is designed to produce high resolution draft prints at 300um layer thickness for speed.

We produce a number of high performance resins specifically tuned to perform well with the Formlabs Form 2 printer.

Due to the restrictions placed upon the use of “3rd party” resins by Formlabs, our resins are used in “open” mode (full instructions are supplied in how to do this when you make a purchase), or to actually enjoy the full functionality of the printer (and even better performance of our resins) the user is able to use the cartridge system available from Protoart.

All of our resins are available in 500ml, 1L and 5L standard packs. See individual resins for colours. Our design target was to produce materials that are better than the equivalent offered by Formlabs, but at a lower cost.


Resinous3D Model Material. (FL2 -002)

Designed as a general purpose resin, with good mechanical properties, high definition which can be printed at 25um - 100um layer thickness

Resinous3D High Performance Engineering Material (FL2 -003)

Designed as a material for printing engineering functional parts, High UTS, Excellent Flexural modulus and very good impact resistance. Can be printed at 25um - 100um layer thickness.